Meet Our Partners


Padox has been called the patron saint of Kibera, and that’s an appropriate name. He intimately knows the difficulties of life in Nairobi’s largest slum. He’s a father, husband, student, educator, and an avid advocate for his community. Seeing the struggle that so many families have to give their children an opportunity to learn, Padox started the Seed Academy primary school and now educates over 100 young children. At the school, they receive a healthy meal (and for many that is often their only meal), a basic education to prepare them for exams to qualify for secondary education, and above all, hope for their future. Padox is working with Cultivate to better sustain the school and offer free education to more children, as well as other community efforts in rural communities in western Kenya. Click here to support Seed Foundation



Fred is a rare combination – he’s sharp, smart, and has an incredibly giving and selfless heart. He’s spent his life working tirelessly to reach out to others in need, whether it’s his hometown in Kenya, or across his native continent in places such as South Africa and Rwanda. Fred is now working to help women forced by poverty into prostitution by connecting them to education and job training, by improving their homes’ sanitation systems to keep them healthy, and finding sponsors so that their children are able to attend school. He works hard to tutor children at the local school, to reach out to community members who are lost and without hope, and to advocate to those outside of his community for awareness and change. Fred is working with Cultivate to make his work into a formal community project and to sustain and grow his many efforts to help those forced into prostitution. Click here to support Fred’s work.



Martinho is a pastor, educator, and leader for his people. He leads community outreach to slums in Maputo and surrounding villages. Martinho has founded Seed of Hope Community Center to provide education, support, and skill training to orphans, vulnerable children, and families who must scrounge city dumps for survival.  Martinho is working with Cultivate to create projects that train and mobilize people and communities with a focus on justice, freedom, peace, human and child rights. Click here to support Seed of Hope Community Center.



Cuauhtémoc is impressive. Cuau is a talented mathematician who saw that he couldn’t rely on the Mexican public-school system to help him achieve success.  While still in the 7th grade, he started a community program to help children like himself find hope for their future and the opportunities that lead to success. Now he runs a program that helps over 100 primary children learn and excel in math through summer programs, tutoring, and participation in regional and national competitions, and offers these children a path to jobs and universities. Cuau is working with Cultivate to learn how to financially sustain this program so that soon they can work with hundreds of children across Mexico. Click here to support Integración Matemática.



Digna has a doctorate in cultural studies and education, and will be working with Cultivate to develop an education program for public schools that will help the hundreds of oral cultures in the Philippines preserve their rich culture and history, and ensure that future generations will know more about their ancestors. Stay tuned for more updates on Digna’s work!




Sam is the pastor of Living Church of Jesus Christ in Monrovia, he is a published author, and he is also a hardworking man who has a heart to break the yoke of poverty in his community.  His organization, Liberian Initiatives for Poverty Reduction (LIPOR), serves youth in the community by offering them basic skills in tailoring, management, customer service, catering, computer science, soap making, and many other means to empower them financially.



James is a young and ambitious man who will do anything to help his fellow Haitians. He has dedicated his life to fight against the lack of adequate food in Cabaret, Haiti. His feeding program, Action for Compassion Ministries, feeds children, the elderly, and the widows of his community.




At 26 years old, Frankline wants to cultivate change and bring help to children infected by HIV/AIDS in his community. Through Restoring Hope Ministries, his charitable organization, he is giving a hand of hope through child care, education, and vocational training to children who are marginalized and oppressed by the community for their disease.