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The Things We Take For Granted

One of the biggest difficulties that our partners face is access to the internet. Within the last few years, the internet has exploded across the developing world. Yet for most of the world, this luxury is still only for the few and privileged. The internet is accessible, but it is not what we have here in the USA.

For many of our partners, the internet means using a phone, paying per megabyte used. This means that accessing things such as a video and other resources are very costly. We’ve developed a program that can be accessed by our partners through low-megabyte reading content, there’s still so much that we need to offer to our partners that is heavy in megabytes. Things like videos, online lectures, and online coaching sessions. Even a simple phone call to be very difficult. When we try to connect with our partners on their monthly coaching call, we spend at least a quarter of the time waiting for the connection to become strong enough to hear each other, or having dropped calls and having to constantly call each other back. We here in the  United States have no idea what it’s like.

Our vision for Cultivate is to be able to offer our partners coaching and training and access to volunteers that can further their work to have deeper impact in the communities that they are serving. But in a world that is dominated by the internet, when the primary way that we are able to connect with them is not available to them, our program struggles.
We’ve had the opportunity to send laptops and smartphones to some of our partners, so they have the tools to be able to begin doing are the work that is needed for their success. Our dream is to connect or partner with corporations such as working spaces that offer strong internet that are partners can use. We are trying to find international coworking businesses that have offices in the cities where are partners are located, and offer that to our partners, where they can go in and use those working spaces to be able to do the work that is so needed in their communities.


I want you to consider two things. First, the blessing that it is to have internet in your community. Internet furthers your life and improves it in so many ways. Think of all the ways that you were able to connect with others that wasn’t available to you maybe 10, 20, or 30 years ago. And count your blessings.

Second, are you able to help us? Are you part of a company that regularly changes its laptops to something new. Do you have used laptops that we can send that to all of our partners who desperately need them? Do you have a good, used phone that is just sitting around? Does your workplace want to partner with us to offer better connectivity to our partners by being an internet sponsor?

This world continues to have a great chasm when it comes to the resources and tools that the privileged have, and the marginalized to desperately need. Cultivate is trying to bridge that gap. You can help us bridge that gap with a donation of a laptop, a phone, or even an inroad to a company that wants to support community endeavors by being an internet sponsor for our partners. Let’s not take the things we have for granted, and generously share with those that need them!
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