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Padox has been partnering with Cultivate since early 2016, to support Seed Foundation and its primary school that educates over 100 children in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya. Padox founded the school in order to provide Kibera's children the opportunity to gain an education. Most of the children in Seed Academy rely on the school for their only meals for the day, and cannot afford to even bring their own supplies such as pencils and books. Seed Academy is giving these children a great education and the opportunity to go on to secondary school - something many of them could not do otherwise. Seed Foundation not only supports the academy in Kibera, but also is launching endeavors to feed, educate, and support children and families throughout Kenya.

An Introduction to Kibera and Seed Academy from Padox (video)

Kenya's ongoing drought and rising food prices have made it very difficult for the children of Seed Academy to get enough food each day. Each quarter, the school needs $7,500 to cover food, teachers, school supplies, and costs associated with running the school. Your support will help each child receive education, and have 2 meals on school days so they can grow strong, concentrate on their studies, and be successful. Please give generously!



Please note, you will be redirected to a giving page under Helping Hands, a charitable partner of Cultivate International. Your contribution is tax deductible and will be designated to Seed Foundation in Kenya.
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