Rabondo Community Project

Cultivate International is aiding Rabondo Community Project in Rabondo, Kenya to build a Board of Directors based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Rabondo Community Project is a nonprofit organization that has invested into this community for several decades through  the establishment of a school, caring for orphans, and bringing food, clean water, and healthcare to the community’s most needy.

Rabondo Community Project was founded by Timon Bondo (a Kenya native), a caring, dedicated leader who has given everything he has to others. Mr. Bondo is 80+ years old and has recently lost his vision and mobility, but continues to work for Rabondo tirelessly. He wants to continue achieving his dream of equipping the next generation of leaders, so that hundreds of children can continue to be educated and supported and Rabondo’s citizens can lives of health and vitality.

We are seeking passionate, dedicated, and creative self-starters to join the Rabondo Community Project Board of Directors. 

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Board Requirements

  1. Commitment: The most important things you can contribute as a board member are your leadership, desire to further our mission, and due diligence to keep us operating. Due diligence: You act in a trustworthy, transparent, and legal manner with the best intentions of our mission over your own agenda, connections, or benefit.
  2. Involvement: At a minimum, a board member should be active leaders in the nonprofit and dedicate as much time as possible to furthering our cause, with a two-year term.
  3. Availability: At times, we will need to reach out to the you with immediate decisions. A board member should be committed to responding in a timely manner so work can progress. In addition, board members should be willing to have meetings or calls on a regular basis.
  4. Assistance: You should assist with needs as you can, based on your availability and skillset. This role will involve being creative, offering ideas, and developing new ways to recruit supporters.

General responsibilities include program development/innovation, acquiring resources and donations, cultivating connections and growing networks, and setting the overall short-term and long-term policies so our mission can be achieved.

If you want to help us achieve our dreams and make a true difference in the Rabondo community, helping out children that are in desperate need of a proper education, please don’t hesitate to contact us at timon@rcpusa.org or (763) 545-2828.