Our mission is to empower local leaders to build a foundation for sustainable community development through partnership and capacity-building.

We develop people into leaders who can turn grassroots efforts into thriving community programs. Through our comprehensive training and coaching program, they obtain the tools and skills they can leverage for success in their charitable efforts.

We partner with leaders and social innovators who have a dream for their community but lack the knowledge, resources, and networks to make their dream a reality.  We provide them with the necessary resources, means to raise funds, and access to people who will assist them.

Our trainees come from all over the world, and are working in many areas of community assistance and development.


We provide the necessary foundation in community development and project management, so that community leaders can be fully prepared to lead and launch effective community programs.

Our training consists of eight core areas that we believe are crucial for a project's success, regardless of its community or focus. Through this training, community leaders can build their capacity, skills, and knowledge.


Understanding who you are, why you should do or should not do this work, and establishing your potential as a leader.

Understanding the different ways community work is accomplished, and how to find what your project will address.

Identifying your project, planning, launching & managing it successfully.

Understanding the culture of your potential donors, supporters, and advocates, and how to best interact with them through your own cultural practices and worldview.

Identifying potential donors, approaching them, applying and sustaining relationships.

How to manage and use donated funds within established best practices, the expectations of your donors, Cultivate’s policies, and American laws.

How can good communication help you, and what methods are available to fundraise, raise awareness, connect with supporters, and gain a following for your work.

Free or low-cost options to help you advance your work.


Our staff and volunteers offer trainees their technical expertise, guidance, and support for success.

Trainees receive personalized coaching in project development, management, fundraising, leadership, communications, and things that are specific to their community and project.

All coaching takes place through regular phone calls and online calls.


We provide the tools, support, and a platform for fundraising that allows our trainees to receive financial support for long-term sustainability and impact.

Trainees are given training and support in fundraising to help to jump-start projects and create a financial base to find supporters. They also gain experience in donation management and reporting, applying for grants, using social media for donations and crowdfunding, and experience in growing a diverse source of financial support from individuals, foundations, groups, and businesses. Approved projects are fiscally sponsored, thus allowing those projects to solicit support from American donors.

Simply put, approved projects of our trainees are allowed to fundraise and receive those donations from American donors even though their projects are not registered in the USA, and those donations are tax-deductible for donors. To learn more about fiscal sponsorship, read here.