Are you interested in partnering with us?
Do you currently have a community project that you are leading, or do you have a dream to start a community project?
Are you native or indigenous to the community that you wish to serve?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then let's meet!

To begin, fill out this Partnership Interest Form here. Someone will contact you within the next two weeks to talk about partnership with Cultivate.

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Who is a Cultivate partner?

A Cultivate partner is someone who deeply cares about their community and has a vision for their community to be stronger and healthier. A partner is someone who is passionate, driven and dedicated to making their vision become true. A partner is also someone who is willing and ready to make their work more powerful and successful by working together with Cultivate and others. In order to be accepted as a partner, the person must be a community insider - someone who is native or indigenous to the people group that they wish to serve. In other words, a partner must be the same race, ethnicity, or culture as the people in the community that she wishes to serve through her charitable program.


What does a Cultivate partner get from the program?

A Cultivate partner receives help to grow as a leader and have a healthy, successful community charitable program. This is done through three program phases:


We train our partners in leadership, community development, project management, communications, fundraising, financial management, and technology. We help our partners build a strong foundation for their program so they can achieve greater success. The training is done through written lessons, video and audio lectures, homework, and hands-on activities.


We connect our partners with volunteers, mentors, and coaches who offer their talents, expertise, and guidance to help our partners and their programs.


We provide the tools, support, and platform for fundraising so our partners can receive financial support from American donors for their programs.

Will Cultivate fund my program or project?

Cultivate does not give financial support to partners and their programs. Though we help our partners to learn how to do fundraising, we do not do the work for our partners that they can do on their own.

Is there a cost to become a partner?

Yes. There is a $250 fee for all accepted partners. This fee helps us cover our costs to offer you the program.

If you are unable to pay for this fee, you will need to do two things.

  1. Find others who can sponsor you. You can ask people in your community, your faith group, your school, your workplace, and even your family. 
  2. For the remaining amount that you are unable to raise through sponsorships, you can apply for a scholarship through Cultivate. Scholarship funds are limited and are not guaranteed, but we will do everything we can to help you get the funds that you need.

Once I have an approved project, is there a fee for fundraising under Cultivate?

Yes, approved projects are given an 8% fee on all designated donations that are given. This fee is to help Cultivate cover costs for transferring money to the project, to process donations made with credit cards, and to manage the financial accounting and reporting that must be done to various agencies and government departments.

What is the process for becoming a partner?

  1. Fill out the Partnership Interest Form.
  2. We will have a meeting, phone call, or online video call with you to learn more about you and your program.
  3. Fill out the Partnership Application that will be emailed to you. You will also need to submit two Personal References and two pictures of yourself and your community.
  4. If you are accepted, you will receive an Introduction Packet that will further explain your partnership with Cultivate.
  5. Begin our program with your first Monthly Meeting or Call (1 hour) where we will discuss your progress, and help you through training and mentorship.
  6. You will receive a Training Manual to read, along with Videos and Audio Lectures, that you must work through. Each lesson will have homework that you must finish and submit before you will receive the next lesson. You may take as much time as needed to complete this work.
  7. Once you complete the initial training, you can submit a Project Application for your current program or a program you wish to start. Approved projects can then begin accepting donations from donors through Cultivate. You will now have a fundraising page on Cultivate's website where donors can give to your project.
  8. We will continue to have monthly meetings or calls with you to help you become a better leader, run a stronger program, and receive more donations to support your work.
  9. We will connect you to mentors, coaches, and volunteers who will also help you. These people will communicate with you and help you using email and online tools, but may also visit your community someday.
  10. Occasionally a Training Conference may be held in your community or in a region near you. When these are scheduled, you will be invited to attend and Cultivate will help you to find the funds needed to cover these costs. These training conferences will build your capacity even further and connect you to other Cultivate Partners.
  11. You can continue as a Cultivate Partner for as long as you wish. We will continue to offer you help so that your program can grow and have long-term sustainability.

Download a PDF of this process.

What are requirements for partners and their projects?

A Cultivate International partner is someone who individually participates in our training program. A partner must be either native to the community they seek to serve (i.e. a Kenyan working in Kenya, an American Latino serving the American Latino immigrant community in Minneapolis) or someone from an under-represented community serving a wider community (i.e. a Native American serving their neighborhood community). A partner must agree to and adhere to our Partnership Agreements.

A Cultivate International project is an endeavor by a partner that has been approved to receive assistance in the form of training, volunteer matching, and fundraising assistance. A partner does not need to implement a project; however, all projects must comply with the following policies:

  1. A project must be led by a partner.
  2. A partner must participate in all Cultivate International training, including but not limited to: curriculum with acceptable homework completion, online training sessions, and in–person training in-country.
  3. A project can have already established programs but seek to expand or adapt their work or be newly established.
  4. A project cannot have a 501c3 tax exempt status in the USA, or other fiscal sponsors in the USA.
  5. An approved project cannot need a budget greater than $25,000 per year while in its initial stages.
  6. A project must include a component that is charitable in nature, that contributes to the greater community good and addresses local poverty or injustices.
  7. Projects can have, and are encouraged to have, profit-generating/business components alongside their charitable work.

Who will be the mentors and coaches and how do they assist our partners and their projects?

Cultivate International mentors are people who are trained to support our partners in working through the Cultivate program, in working through their goals and strategies for their project, and to build their capacity as community leaders. Mentors are simply people who have a desire to support the partner’s project and will give of their time, resources, skills, knowledge, and networks to help in whatever ways they can.

Cultivate International coaches are people who have special talents in specific fields such as photography/video-making, technology, financial accounting, marketing, etc. They coach our partners in one or more specific field based on our partners’ needs.