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Padox has been called the patron saint of Kibera, and that’s an appropriate name. He intimately knows the difficulties of life in Nairobi’s largest slum. He’s a father, husband, student, educator, and an avid advocate for his community. Seeing the struggle that so many families have to give their children an opportunity to learn, Padox started the Seed Academy primary school and now educates over 100 young children. At the school, they receive a healthy meal (and for many that is often their only meal), a basic education to prepare them for exams to qualify for secondary education, and above all, hope for their future. Padox is working with Cultivate to better sustain the school and offer free education to more children, as well as other community efforts in rural communities in western Kenya.

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Martinho is a pastor, educator, and leader for his people. He leads community outreach to slums in Maputo and surrounding villages. Through the outreach, he provides education and skill training to orphans, vulnerable children, and girls who have been sexually violated, and to families who are forced to rummage city dumps in order to scavenge food and a means of living.  Martinho is working with Cultivate to create projects that train and mobilize people and communities with a focus on justice, freedom, peace, human and child rights.

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Digna is strong and tenacious. She's intelligent, hardworking, and knows what she wants from life. She has a doctorate in cultural studies and education and is working with Cultivate to develop an arts and music program for the youth of the Igorot people group, who know little of their cultural history, in order to preserve their rich culture and ensure that future generations will know more about their culturally-rich past.

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Sam is a pastor, he is a published author, and he is also a hardworking man who has a heart to break the yoke of poverty in his community. His organization, Liberian Initiatives for Poverty Reduction (LIPOR), serves youth in the community by offering them basic skills in tailoring, management, customer service, catering, computer science, soap making, and many other means to empower them financially.



At 26 years old, Frankline wants to cultivate change and bring help to children infected by HIV/AIDS in his community. Through Restoring Hope Ministries, his charitable organization, he is giving a hand of hope through child care, education, and vocational training to children who are marginalized and oppressed by the community for their disease. His orphanage and school for children who have HIV/AIDS offers them opportunities that no one else does. His efforts focus on not only caring for these children, but integrating them into a society that often shuns them.



Justine is the President of Africa Alliance for Health, Research and Economic Development (AAHRED), a Kenyan organization fighting to harness the potential of communities to help themselves, assume control of their own development and improve their standard of living through poverty eradication and the prevention of diseases.



Kelvin is a teacher, and is the founder of Tusekwile Imiti Ikula Foundation, an educational organization serving in the Sansamwenje community of Isoka District, Zambia. TIIF reaches out to vulnerable children who cannot access education due to their extreme poverty and helps them have the resources and funding to attend school, and educates the community against practices that stunt their development and life-long success, such as childhood marriage and labor. Kelvin is a well-educated, motivated young man who has the respect of his community and has dedicated his life to serving them.



Fortune is passionate about helping his community. He is working with Cultivate to start a center that will teach youth and youth adults trade jobs such as welding and metal fabrication, so they can gain the valuable skills needed to find employment.


Prosper - Uganda

Prosper is a Congolese refugee who has dedicated his life to helping others who have faced the horrors of warfare and leaving their homes. Proper is a pastor, a father to his own children and five orphans he has adopted, and a community leader. His work in Uganda supports Congolese refugees and Ugandan children who have HIV/AIDS and are extremely poor. He provides these children with care and education.


James - Kenya

James leads Awach Kibuon Integrated Health & Livelihood, an organization that is helping his rural community access clean water, sanitation, learn better agricultural practices, and access education. James has devoted his life to helping over 1,000 Kenyans have a better tomorrow.


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Jastine is dedicated and committed. He holds multiple degrees and certificates and had devoted his life to community development. He's successfully helped his community access clean water through a borehole and is now working with Cultivate to expand this work to other areas in his community - including hunger relief, education, and environmental preservation.


Paresh and Arnika Small

Arnika and Paresh have a passion for their people and work tirelessly to teach and show that a better, more joyful, life can be had by those suffering the most in India. Paresh is a father, and is a Bible teacher and evangelist, who leads Transform East Alliance, a Christian ministry to teach Indians about the Christian faith. Arnika is a mother, teacher, finance director, and wonderful cook! Paresh and Arnika are working with Cultivate to build programs for their community that give women employable skills in sewing, and small business startups, fight human trafficking, and bring clean water to communities that need it most.


Why don't some trainees have a giving page?
Once a trainee completes our beginner training courses, they have the opportunity to list their project here, and receive support from donors. The trainees listed that do not have a giving link have not yet completed the required courses but are on their way. Check back soon to see if the project is ready to receive your donation!