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We need people who can use their skills and experiences to serve Cultivate's programs and our partners. Volunteers of all kind are needed. If you're willing to help, we've got a place for you.

Currently, our most pressing needs for volunteers are:

Social Media Curator - 2-4 hours per month. Help us manage our social media and engage with others. You will help us draft and post social media content, engage with our followers, and help us grow our online presence. Ideally you have experience working with social media content, especially in a professional context. 

Writer & Editor - Give as much time as you wish. Assist with web copy, editing of curriculum, and other projects.

Administration - 1 hour per week or as much time as you wish. Assist with various admin tasks to keep us running smoothly such as financial management, communications, and database management.

Interested to learn more or ready to commit? Fill out the form below.

As Cultivate grows and expands, we need networkers to be on the front lines. Do you know of others who should hear about Cultivate? Can you introduce us to your networks? Do you have experience in making connections and communications? We need you! Networkers can help by:

  • Connecting us to your current networks
  • Attend rotary, BNI, Meet Up, and other meetings as a Cultivate representative
  • Make phone calls and send emails to potential contacts on behalf of Cultivate

2-4 hours per month.

We need college students, recent graduates, and those looking to get hands-on experience in nonprofit start-up and management, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and leadership development. Internships are flexible and adaptable to your needs. Learn more.

Use your particular skills and talents to help further Cultivate’s programs and our partners’ projects. Hours and tasks vary, based on need and your availability.  Currently we need the following volunteers to help with our program and to coach our partners:

  • Photography/video: teach our partners and draft curriculum on how to capture and edit; assist with photo and video editing. 1-4 hours per month.
  • Graphic design: teach our partners and draft curriculum on how to do simple design work using free, online tools; assist in the development of promotional and fundraising materials. 2-4 or more hours per month.
  • Accounting/financial tracking: Assist us in keeping our financial records, drafting receipts, and reconciling data. 2-10 hours per month. References and a background check will be required.
  • Grants research: Conduct online research to help us build a database of potential funders. 2-4 hours per month.
  • Grant writing: Draft grant proposals. Strong writing skills are required, but grants experience is not (we’ll teach you!). 4-10 hours per month.
  • Social media research and writing: Research social media content (news, blogs, articles, pictures); draft weekly social media posts. 2-8 hours per month.
  • Administrative assistance: Assist our Executive Director with varying administrative tasks. 4-8 hours per month.
  • Marketing and promotions: Help us learn how to best market and promote our organization and our partner’s projects; draft curriculum for our partners on how to do this; draft and implement Google ads, Facebook and other social media ads; research potential promotional avenues for us to pursue; draft a marketing strategy. 4-10 hours per month.
  • Fundraising: Draft and implement Google One Today grants for our partners’ projects; research and implement crowdfunding campaigns for our partners’ projects; assist with fundraising events including securing silent auction donations, corporate sponsorships, and event logistics; assist with campaigns and endeavors to raise support from individuals, businesses, churches, rotaries, associations, clubs, and other groups. 4-10+ hours per month.

If you travel to any of the regions where our partners are located, you can help!

You can visit our partners for a half or full day and help us by conducting simple evaluations (we’ll give you everything you need and train you), taking pictures and videos, and gathering stories.

People are also needed to help us deliver program materials, books, and equipment to our partners, to keep our shipping costs low (don’t worry, we’ll make sure that you don’t get in trouble with TSA or customs!).

If your business team, school cohort, church group, or other community of people are looking for a way to get involved and volunteer together, we have options for you! You can adopt a partner and serve from your home, or travel to their community and serve on the ground.

Each of our partners are connected to one team of coaches who mentor, advocate, and support through their time, resources, knowledge and skills to further the partner’s project. All work is done online!  Coaches assist the partner to learn and oversee these areas of their work, so they can build their capacity to lead their project. Teams work together while receiving training, support, and resources from Cultivate. As the partner’s capacity increases and her project grows in reach and resiliency, church teams adapt their roles as needed.  Our hope is that each partner is connected to a team of people who will love, encourage, and help sustain the partner and her work for the long run!

Teams roles include:

  • Leadership Coach
  • Community Development Coach
  • Graphic Designer
  • Social Media Curator
  • Communications Editor
  • Funding Coach
  • Researching Coach
  • Financial Coach
  • Photo/Video Coach

Cultivate provides teams with  the necessary training and assistance  to successfully support their partner.  Teams commit to regular communication and quarterly meetings with Cultivate and one another.  Time : 2-10 hours per month per team member. Download the Coaching Team flyer.

Interested in any of these opportunities? Please fill out this form and we will connect with you shortly.

Let us know where you live so that we can determine the best ways that you can get involved with our work.