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We work with people who deeply care about their community and have a vision for their community to be stronger and healthier. We support people who is passionate, driven and dedicated to making their vision a reality. We work with people who are willing and ready to make their work more powerful and successful by working together with Cultivate and others. You can be from anywhere in the world to work with us, and you can lead or wish to lead any kind of charitable program for your community. 


We are not accepting new trainees at this time. To receive announcements of future training opportunities, please sign up to receive our emails here.

We will offer you help to grow as a leader and have a healthy, successful community charitable program. This is done through two program components: 


As a trainee, you will learn about leadership, community development, project planning, communications, fundraising, financial management, technology, impact measurement, and project management. We help you build a strong foundation for your program so you can achieve greater success. The training is done through online lessons, video and audio lectures, homework, and hands-on activities.


We connect our trainees with volunteers, mentors, and coaches who offer their talents, expertise, and guidance to help our partners and their programs.

Cultivate does not give financial support to trainees or their programs. Though we help you with fundraising, we do not do the work for you.

Yes. There is a fee for the training program. This fee helps us cover our costs to offer you the program.

There are two levels which cost $500 or $5000. To learn more about the levels, read here.

If you are unable to pay for this fee, you will need to do two things.

  1. Find others who can sponsor you. You can ask people in your community, your faith group, your school, your workplace, and even your family. People can make contributions to Cultivate to help you cover the program fees. You can learn more about this option here.
  2. For the remaining amount that you are unable to raise through sponsorships, you can apply for a scholarship through Cultivate. Scholarship funds are limited and are not guaranteed, but we will do everything we can to help you get the funds that you need. 

Cultivate coaches are people who are trained to support our trainees to work through the Cultivate program, their goals and strategies for their project, and to build their capacity as community leaders. Coaches are simply people who have a desire to support the trainee’s project and will give of their time, resources, skills, knowledge, and networks to help in whatever ways they can.

Cultivate also has volunteers who have special talents in specific fields such as photography/video-making, technology, financial accounting, marketing, etc. They help our trainees when needed.

You can see samples of our training here, this will give you a good idea of how it works and what is in it.

If you are interested in the Engaged Learners training program, you must first pay for the program before you can begin. However, we offer refunds. You can learn more about our refund policy here.

If you apply for a scholarship to the program at any level and are accepted, you will have full access to the program right away. If you choose to pay for the program yourself, find people who will sponsor you, you can begin the program to test it out and then request a refund if you change your mind.

If you are interested in the Empowered Learner Cohort training program, we do not offer refunds once you have been accepted, as we have a limited number of spots available in the cohort. We need you to start the application process first, which helps us get to know you and ensure that you understand what the program is and what it is not. You simply start by filling out the interest form and then setting up a phone call or online call with our staff. During this call we will explain to you what our program offers. If you are still interested in the program, there is a short application form we will need to receive from you.