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Cultivate equips community leaders to be change-makers through training and coaching to use best practices in locally-led, social impact programs. We exist to close the knowledge and skills gap that prevents these community leaders from accessing resources and creating change, so their work can have greater, lasting impact.

We stand with leaders and communities who are passionate and ready for change.

We believe that fighting poverty, injustice, and inequality is worth our efforts, and that community insiders are the best fighters.

We empower local leaders to be the change-makers their communities need. We’re about breaking the cycle of dependency. We're about leveling the playing field. We're about mobilizing community leaders to have a fair chance in the nonprofit and social impact field.

Cultivate exists to develop and equip local leaders to build a foundation for sustainable community development. We work with community leaders across the globe to help them launch and lead projects that address poverty and the marginalization of their community, so that they can be the change-makers they hope to be. Together we can prepare these leaders to bring positive, lasting community transformation!

We are cultivating change in tomorrow's leaders. Invest today.