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If you love what we do, there's no special occasion needed! Tell others why you love our mission and invite them to join you. 

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Invite your friends & family to celebrate how awesome you are by making this world a better place for all.



Raise funds in honor of someone you love! Instead of giving a material gift, give them the satisfaction of knowing communities are being empowered on their behalf.



Trying to reach a goal? Just reached a major milestone? Set up a fundraiser so your friends can cheer you on as you push yourself. 

You can set your own fundraising goals, invite others to contribute, and share your progress. Its very easy to set up and we'll give you everything you need!


Create a Fundraiser on Facebook

Creating a fundraiser on Facebook is easy to do, and Facebook pays 100% of donation processing fees so Cultivate gets all the donations!

  • Go to
  • On the left side, select "Fundraisers"
  • Then, select "Raise Money" on the right side below the image header.
  • Follow the instructions and you're all set!
  • Use the images and suggested posts below to share about your post.

Create an Online Fundraiser

Click on DONATE above or link below, and then choose the "I want to fundraise for this" button at the bottom of the giving page. Your page will be hosted by our donations partner, Give Lively. Follow the simple instructions and then invite others to support your fundraiser!


Suggestions for Fundraiser Success

Make your page stand out. Did you add a header image? Did you give your fundraiser a great name? 

Share it! Use Facebook, Twitter, text messages, emails, and even Instagram to share your fundraiser with others. 

Choose a reasonable yet challenging goal. People naturally will only give as much as you ask them. If you set your goal too low, once you reach it, people may choose to stop giving. Choose a fundraising goal that's a bit of a stretch and challenge people to rise to the occasion. 

Commit to Something Unusual. Make a commitment to something unique, unusual, or even a bit off the beaten path to encourage others to give! 

  • Do something you've never done before - like sky diving, public dancing, or karaoke.
  • Give something up - like Netflix, sugar, alcohol, or social media.
  • Change your style, looks, or daily routine.

Keep people engaged. During your fundraiser, post regularly on social media to remind people to give. Even more importantly, post why you think Cultivate International is awesome and why you're doing this.

Media Downloads

Media that you can use and download (simply click and download):

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Sample Emails and Social Media Posts

Cultivate Program Handout

Sample Emails and Social Media Posts