About Us

Cultivate International exists to develop and equip local leaders to build a foundation for sustainable community development. Our vision is to identify community leaders across the globe to launch projects that address poverty and the marginalization of their community, so that they can be the change-makers they hope to be. Together we can prepare these leaders to bring positive, lasting community transformation!

12132365_10100629796490219_1986623017080496030_oOur Founder & Executive Director

Elaine Tymchak founded Cultivate International in 2016, after dreaming and hoping for its creation for many years. A Brazilian native with a Masters in International Development, she brings over 10 years working for various non-profits, serving communities worldwide, and building relationships with global community leaders. An avid lover of people, knowledge, and the world’s diversity of culture, she is using her talents, experiences, and networks to build a global movement through Cultivate.