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We focus on the assets, potential, and social capital of communities rather than their needs or disparities.

We believe that community insiders are the best people to lead change, and we invest into building their capacity as leaders.

Our work is focused on empowering community leaders to fight poverty and injustices through small-scale, community-led efforts. We do this through training and coaching, and connecting them to the resources, tools, people, and funds they need for their project's success.


Our Journey & Growth

A Year in Review

This past year has been significant in our journey as an organization. Fifteen community leaders participated in our program. These leaders are now empowered and equipped…
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You Shop, We Receive

Storm Creek 2019 Holiday Partnership Storm Creek, a Minnesota-based outdoor apparel company, is partnering with Cultivate International for the 2019 holiday season.  This partnership has…
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This is Us

We exist to empower and serve community leaders across the globe. They have the vision, passion, and dedication, we simply help them with the resources,…
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In remembrance of 9/11

Today is a day of remembrance and mourning in the USA for the terrorist attacks that happened 18 years ago. The world changed after this…
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Two is Better Than One

This weekend I had the opportunity to collaborate with some very intelligent and insightful people, and was reminded that two is always better than one.…
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Perseverance is a tough lesson to learn, but in the end one of the most valuable. It makes you stronger, more patient, and helps you…
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Could I be your child?

Meet Gasilda, an 11-year-old Mozambican girl who is already pregnant by her 70-year old husband. Her story is horrific, but it must be told. Consider…
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Prepare For What’s To Come

Working towards something that hasn’t yet arrived is tough. You have to have a strong vision that keeps you moving, and when your energy falters,…
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